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A week away from leaving Christchurch

rain 10 °C

Time has passed quickly and we find ourselves a week away from leaving Christchurch on the first stage of our travels.

The family friends organising the wedding in Pauanui are probably in similar stages of planning a week out, there are probably hand written lists awaiting a signing off as each category of activity is completed. Here the lists are hand written, occur as notes on a white board and feature as random thoughts in our heads, as we remember small details which will require action. There are two suitcases in two rooms in the house. One has recently been emptied from a work weekend in Hamilton, and one is so brand new that it still has the purchase sticker still attached to the handle. As to what will be needed as filler in each, well I'm sure decisions will be made in the coming 7 days.

We have found that there are reduced transport services on both Christmas day and New Years day in Newcastle which has required a bit of a last minute change in accommodation and transport, but nothing we can't cope with. Friends of Emma, who have season passes, are organising tickets to the Sunderland V Hull City Football match in Sunderland on Boxing Day for us, and I'm warming up my vocal chords to sing "Who ate all the pies...........".

The dramatic weather changes we were expecting have in some way been evened out with an afternoon of lightening and thunder, a reducing temperature and the threat of hail. Might just go outside and endure it in an attempt to acclimatise to northern hemisphere conditions. At least that might give me an idea as to what to throw into the empty suitcase.

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A month to go

What have we forgotten to do?

sunny -13 °C

With just a month to go before we board our plane on the first part of our journey (a stop over for a few days in Taipei), it is time to start the countdown, and consider what we have forgotten to do.

Over the past few months we have booked accommodation using AirBnB in all of the places we stay, and where AirBnB hasn't come to the party with appropriate listings, we have booked motels. Even an 11th century monastery, so that all seems fine. We just have to make contact with the people we have booked with, make arrangements to pick up the keys and, sorted. Really am looking forward to spending a few days (we'll call them birthdays) with the kids in Paris in January.

We have sorted some funds onto a debit Visa account, got a few bucks in cold hard currency, and hopefully with the payment by a couple of customers of outstanding accounts, should have enough sheckles to get us through.

We seem to have enough connecting flights and train fares to start at point A and get to point Z or whatever letter it is along the alphabetical list of stops, apart from the days between London and York - but hey, that's the fun of travelling isn't it, not quite knowing what you're doing every day.

We've both bought new walking shoes, and as I write this I have sent mine out in the hope that they will be ready and worn in by the time I depart. Think the damn things are reneging and are still in the box in the kitchen, so may have to adorn my feet and force them onto the road.

So let the countdown commence. Let this be the day before the day that a month later will be the day we leave. Phew

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