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The people you meet at AirBnb 28.07.2016
Republic of Ireland here we come 28.07.2016
Sean of the undead 27.07.2016
Sean of the dead 27.07.2016
A true test for a colonial boy. 27.07.2016
Graduation in a city well worth visiting 17.07.2016
Graduation in a city well worth visiting 17.07.2016
Black and white. 05.07.2016
Budget doesn't have to mean less than acceptable service 02.07.2016
Zurich, the 200m to gate 31D 30.06.2016
Singapore where we're comforted from above 29.06.2016
Time fly's 26.05.2016
Here we go again??????????????????? 16.09.2015
Segway Rome 10.02.2015
Chapels. And not one fell down...... 23.01.2015
Art for arts sake, money for Gods sake (2) 23.01.2015
Art for arts sake, money for Gods sake (1) 22.01.2015
Romans the greatest recyclers? 20.01.2015
New Deli transit nonsense 19.01.2015
Actually I don't want a selfie stick thank you very much 15.01.2015
Under a blue Tuscan sky with clouds 15.01.2015
Carless days 14.01.2015
Iphone Ipone in my hand who's most beautiful in the land 10.01.2015
Paris from Sharon's eyes 10.01.2015
A tale of two towers 07.01.2015
Hogmanay and tales of whiskey 03.01.2015
Newcastle 31.12.2014
Sunderland 1 Hull City 3 27.12.2014
C S Lewis, J R R Tolkien, and other wonders 27.12.2014
Canterbury the quaint 26.12.2014
He had ten thousand men 25.12.2014
Of paper xmas hats and off with her head 22.12.2014
Run rabbit, run rabbit, run run run 22.12.2014
The shows 22.12.2014
Oh no you can't - Oh yes I can! 20.12.2014
Always departing never arriving 16.12.2014
Knowing when it's time to move on 12.12.2014
She said, he said 11.12.2014
Lost In Taipei 10.12.2014
Off to Taipei to challenge ourselves 08.12.2014
A week away from leaving Christchurch 27.11.2014
A month to go 05.11.2014